The Gilmore • 

Over nearly a year, we've worked with The Gilmore International Piano Festival as they prepared for the current season. Even if classical musical isn't your thing, the work they do in Kalamazoo and beyond to promote and develop world-class pianistic experiences is deeply inspiring.

And at Heuss, in addition to dedicating time for mentoring creatives, we also provide opportunities for them to grow their networks (+ net worth!) every chance we get. That's why we worked with Kristin Zuller to develop the artwork and palette that served as a guide for every other decision when it came to Festival collateral. We were still the client's point of contact, but we worked with Kristin to execute a modern, timeless concept.

It's one thing to say "community over competition" and another thing altogether to live this mindset out. We've found this approach means better results for our clients and creatives we work with. What can be better than that?