Heuss Design is a graphic design agency based in Michigan.

And providing an easy, thoughtful process for even the most complex projects is kind of our thing. We love working on brand identities, website design, packaging (+ more) with good people who don’t take themselves too seriously.


less is more.

At Heuss, we recognize the structures at play that cause women and people of color to start in different places and with varying resources, so we foster an environment in every interaction that is brave and supportive. This approach to business (and life) means our work is always strategic, transparent and people-focused.

We embrace starting where you are and with what you have. Maybe you created your logo in Canva? So thrilled for you! Had a friend sketch something for you that you loved but maybe it's holding you back a few years into business? Been there. These are all important steps that should be free of shame.


When you feel ready, we are the next step for growing, scrappy businesses prepared to invest in a strategic brand that yield results.

Maybe your goals are converting increased website visitors into sales, driving traffic to your brick and mortar through aligned branding, or turning fans into customers through social media? We'll be in your corner each step of the way.

If you're looking for an expert to help you with any of the following, we’re so in!

+ Strategic Brands
+ Modern Websites
+ Digital + Print Design
+ Social Media Strategy + Management



I spent my childhood within the rows of my father’s apple farm, trailing behind his weathered work boots as he tended to his harvest. Watching him work, I came to understand how things grow. I learned the tenacity, dedication, and care required to cultivate something resilient, lasting, and beautiful.

After my father passed unexpectedly, I looked at the ten years I'd spent in the corporate world, and thought, "This really can't be it, right?"

I founded Heuss (my father's middle name – pronounced like rice btw) to strategically support marginalized people, to help young people advocate for themselves, and to give back to my community in a meaningful way — one I know my dad would be proud of.



Austin is the absolute best — there, we said it. He’s worked in marketing and communications for Herman Miller, Feyen Zylstra and Rockford Construction and brings his tireless optimism, detailed organization and marketing expertise that makes our projects function at the next level.

austin mcneal
senior project manager


We work with so many talented creatives, meet them here and hire them for your projects, too.

Elbert Foster, brand expert, illustrator, lifestyle and brand photography
Lydia VanHoven-Cook, hand lettering + copywriting
Kristin Zuller, illustration
Kat Neis, copywriting
Darline Rodriguez, digital marketing + photography
Carbon Stories, all things video
Kim Nguyen, illustration
Kelly Schmidt, copywriting
Natalie Topalian, copywriting
Kelli Adams, Showit, Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify development
Fei Song-Diaz, Shopify development
Jackie Bryan, copywriting

“I get so excited for new inquiries because I get to show off the beautiful work Chelsea has done for me, the client gets excited too and usually brings it up during our consultation.”

What else would you like to know?

Transparency is our jam and we’re big believers in setting boundaries and expectations. If you’re a good person looking to work with good people, get in touch! Feel free to send a message or schedule a call if you’re ready to chat more in depth.


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We love building out custom proposals so you get everything you need and nothing you don’t. In the interest of transparency, we’ve outlined our most common services and their associated investment and timelines.

These range from $1,000 - $4,500 and are completed in 2-6 weeks based on assets involved.

We design in Showit, Squarespace and Shopify. There are many factors that determine pricing, but they typically range from $4,000 - $15,000 and are completed in 8-15 weeks.

Pricing guides, brochures, catalogs, packaging oh my. We love this type of work and price it by project.

Let us take the weight of social media strategy + management off your shoulders. Our packages begin at $1,500 a month and increase based on number of networks and audience.

Get us in your pocket for an entire eight hours for $1,500. Ahead of time, we’ll determine the best strategy and define your needs. Use this time to create social media templates, refine your website, work on brand strategy + more.

Setup a call to chat more specifics!



At Heuss Design, we see social responsibility not as a risk, but rather a reward. It is by celebrating the limitless potential of a more diversified and equitable workforce that we create space for everyone regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion or age.

We stand firmly with the Black Lives Matter movement and take action by donating to organizations, signing petitions, educating ourselves, elevating the voices of BIPOC people and planning for future anti-racist practices.

HERE'S how we approach meaninful activism:

Working with BIPOC educators and coaches for help with mindset work, affirmative action plans and social media strategy.

Making all design services complimentary for BIPOC as our commitment to interpersonal reparations. Due to overwhelming support, we have moved this to an application basis open twice a year, in January + August.

Hiring BIPOC developers, contractors and virtual assistants as well as partnering with BIPOC creatives at least 50% of the time.

Removing barriers for contractors working with us to ensure a culture of flexibility and true open-door policies.

Connecting with BIPOC clients for referrals for at least 50% of future business.

Understanding that there is no checklist when it comes to anti-racism work, and instead that it is made up of hundreds of thoughts and actions day in and day out.