Rebel •

When we sat down for coffee with Dann and Chip, the couple behind Grand Rapids' most beloved gift shop, Rebel, we had no idea how the world would be flipped upside down. We had the best intentions of building a site for their newest shop, Commune, strategizing for their 10-year business anniversary and much more. 

After COVID shut the doors on their brick and mortar store, though, we worked together to
get them online — and fast. When the lockdown started, we shifted our existing scope of work and focused on getting them online as quickly as possible. In the span of two weeks, we built, developed and launched a robust e-commerce website on Shopify.

With their business expenses not pausing for a pandemic, the ability to get their store online quickly saved their business and the ten years it has taken to build their brand. Once the site was launched, we worked to better market to their online customers through development of an email campaign with information about their anti-racism efforts and reopening plan post-lockdown.

"Doing business in a thoughtful and productive way just became chock full of new and nuanced challenges. It requires mindful planning and vigilant organization. Our experience with Heuss Design brought all of these things together and helped us transition through the most difficult thing I've ever seen in retail. The personal attention, swift follow through and tireless optimism met our goals but feeling helped and heard make us a loyal client."