Champagne Flame • 

Owned by Brianna Buckley, Champagne Flame is a down to earth, community-focused candle + wellness brand that insists self care should be easy. We worked with them to channel these values into a refined brand and package design.

The Identity

“Working with Heuss Design, wouldn’t even fall under the category of ‘work’ for me. Collaborating with Chelsea was so refreshing. The entire process felt like writing back and forth with a pen pal. Everything was so smooth from start to finish, and I truly felt heard. As a business owner I felt like for the first time I had a true mentor. Someone who I could openly share my thoughts with, someone who asked questions that required deeper thinking and someone who was honest and intentional. That as a creator is priceless.

Upon being selected for Chelsea’s BIPOC pro bono design services, I was absolutely blown away with her transparency regarding our timeline, and our approach to complete it. My respect for Chelsea’s values and her advocacy for minority business owners is something I would shout from the rooftops. She truly embodies what it means to be an advocate for marginalized businesses, and minorities as a whole. 

The end result of our brand identity refresh is something that I believe truly changed my business. Clarity = success. Each and every step of the process led to an ‘ah ha moment’ of some type. This combined with incredible design, specifically related to my brand values gave me a guide to refer back to when making decisions for my business daily. I now have a whole portfolio of custom, intention based designs, and guidelines on how to best use them. This is something I value greatly and struggled to create on my own. 

If you’re considering an investment with a graphic design agency, I couldn’t recommend Heuss Design enough. I am now so confident, and proud of everything my brand stands for. Applying for Chelsea’s BIPOC design services was undoubtedly the best choice I’ve made for my business. Forever grateful for her shared knowledge, and willingness to do so. I encourage anyone running a business to reach out, and simply see how Huess Design can provide clarity. Promise you won’t regret it.”