Chaco • 

In a world with seemingly endless Zoom meetings, thoughtful, inspiring leaders are more important than ever. And they know the reward in bringing together diverse thoughts and people — both inside and outside of their team. By considering the best way to inspire, align and ground her team, Jamie, the Director of Marketing for Chaco, came to us to create a tangible reminder of the values they live each day. The Good Things Ahead campaign not only represents how they approach work and relationships with each other — it speaks to the way Jamie leads her team.
From the start we approached this project as a way to create an inclusive ecosystem of talented artists. People like Elbert Foster, who created the stunning bandana illustration that incorporated Chaco's product territories seamlessly and helped inform design choices throughout the remaining deliverables. And Kim Nguyen who made their signature sandal come to life in an impactful, down to earth illustration. Lydia VanHoven-Cook took the team's manifesto and translated it flawlessly into narrative form so they can return to it again and again. Finally, the incredible people at Carbon Stories are responsible for these beautiful images.
Working together with people like Jamie and the endlessly talented creatives on this project, we were reminded of the limitless potential when space is made for everyone at the table and how it contributes to the very best things work — and life — has to offer.

“As I stepped into a new role, leading the Chaco marketing team, I wanted to put together a manifesto of our team values and vision for how we move forward in an inspired way. Creating something tangible the team would feel really excited to receive and refer back to. Heuss Design’s Chelsea immediately got to work pulling together a thoughtful, talented, diverse cast of contributors who worked together to wrap the team’s shared values into a tidy, tangible package that’s cute AF. Everything from the project, contributors, and budget were managed with precision. I am so grateful for the work and talent of this powerhouse team.”