What’s in a name?

I spent my childhood within the rows of my father’s apple farm, trailing behind his weathered work boots as he tended to his harvest.

Watching him work, I came to understand how things grow. I learned the tenacity, dedication, and care required to cultivate something resilient, lasting, and beautiful. After my father passed, I saw his legacy in the vibrant colors of the orchards, the rustic wear of the machinery, and the bold letters printed on the wooden crates.

As a designer, these memories inspire me to dig deeper, to thoughtfully curate the intrinsic elements that draw us into the value, meaning, and impact of our work.

I founded Heuss Design with the dream of championing good people and creating for the ideas and stories that are enriching and transforming the world. My mission is to craft authentic and stunning brand identities and websites that resonate and empower my clients to take up space.

Throughout the creative process, I let the story take the lead, aligning myself with the purpose and vision, and intuitively finding the details that set it apart. Building a brand is an investment, which is why I strive to deliver cohesive and unified designs that can be nurtured and grown.  

In more than simply the name, the legacy of my father lives on, but more importantly, allows my team to focus on the ways we add value to the world through living out inclusion efforts in measurable actions and work that doesn’t center around our identity but instead elevates our clients to take up space.

Oh, and it’s pronounced like rice.

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July 2, 2020