Resources for Creatives

First things first, some really woo woo things, but I believe they all make a difference cumulatively ↓

1. Adding “give grace” to the top of my to do list everyday
2. Going to therapy regularly
3. Continuing to find ways to separate my worth from my work
4. Getting outside
5. Listening to my body

Start where you are with what you have always, and if you love systems and feeling organized, add these in!

(Some of these are affiliate links which means I get a little something if you click them.)

Project Management
ClickUp is my everything, I run my entire business with it. And I learned everything I know from Giselle of Wander Design Co. — her ClickUp course is everything and then some.

Client Management
Dubsado is my tried and true for all things proposals, contracts, invoices, meeting scheduling, client dashboards and reporting.

Speaking of keeping things legal, I use Sprout Legal to keep everything legit. I purchased their Website Policies, Client Agreement and Independent Contractor Agreement and have been incredibly impressed with the value (each contract averages about $50!)

I’ve tried many and come back to Quickbooks Self Employed to keep those invoices tight and block off one day a month to ensure my expenses are updated and I know my profit going into the next month. Please make sure you get Self Employed and don’t spend a year trudging through (+paying for) the full Quickbooks and wanting to pull your hair out. Not that I know from experience or anything.

A little color on my lips helps me feel zhuzhed for meetings even when I’m in the clothes I wore yesterday. Get some Glossier Generation G and thank my later.

Keep your online presence tight, but don’t let it overtake your life. I use Hootsuite for clients, Planoly for my Instagram feed, and the Caption Writer app to craft perfectly formatted captions for Instagram.

Amplify Shopify
Branding with Bre
Ditch the Design Degree School — I took this one early on and loved it!
Illustrator Essentials — all of her offerings are incredible.

Create Connect Convert Podcast
Uncool Designer
Align with Alora
Better: The Brand Designer Podcast  + I think their content can often be quite white washed, so keep that in mind.

Facebook Groups
These can be a great source for new business and community, take what you want, leave the rest!

Freelancing Females — hate the name, but it’s the biggest one there is. I pay to be in their directory and have gotten work from it, too.
Creative Lady Collective
Better Podcast

Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me – just watch out for the comparison monster
Sari De
Bert Foster
December Oak
Wayfarer Design
Emma Rose Agency
Sweet Daddy Designs
Olivia Herrick Design
Rachel Turner
We Were Six
Piper Adonya

When we talk small, it affects how others see us. But more importantly it affects how we see ourselves. — Sari De

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March 27, 2021