Pricing guides, printed collateral — you name it, we love it! Here are a few examples of this work and what our customers had to say about they value they received from our process.

"I found Heuss Design through a fellow photographer and followed her on Instagram for a few months before reaching out. I wasn't sure what I wanted to create for my business but I had a very rough idea in my head. Upon our first meeting Chelsea was taking plenty of notes and asking questions about details I hadn't even thought of.

Now that I have been using the guides Chelsea made for me I feel that my communication with my clients about the services I offer are so spot on and the client understands my goals as a portrait photographer. I get so excited for new inquiries because I get to show off the beautiful work Chelsea has done for me, the client gets excited too and usually brings it up during our consultation.

I am ecstatic to work with Chelsea again in the future. I will be hiring her for further design needs because I truly trust her and her talent."

"It’s hard to sell yourself to clients (which is what I need to do in my job) By asking all of the right questions Chelsea has helped me as a Realtor® stand out from the crowd.

There are more realtors then anyone can count, so that’s a difficult task to complete! I now have documents to book-end my transactions with new and existing clients. I have concepts that are difficult for some to understand broken down in an easy to follow format.

Chelsea was patient with me while we went through the process. She answered all of my questions. I can’t thank her enough for the content she has created for me. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any friends or clients in need of design services."

"As soon as I saw Chelsea's work on the Rebel GR website and Instagram page - I knew I had to work with her. She had been recommended by several creatives in the community and I cannot imagine having to work with anyone else. Chelsea treats every single job with the same gravity as any high end project. She communicates every step of the way where she is at with the process, and she always meets deadlines - which means so much to me as someone looking forward to seeing their designs.

From the initial quote to the final deliverables I felt like I was treated as her most important client - and that she put so much effort into everything she created. Chelsea asked me enough questions to completely grasp what I wanted to create and made it exist in real life. The PDFs that she created for my business are thorough, beautiful, unique and completely perfect. Every time that I send one off to a client I feel that I am in good hands and that what she's created represents me in the most accurate way. I feel like my photography business finally has design elements that represent them well and show off to my clients the complete personality that is behind my business. I am forever grateful!"