Amelia Hruby is a feminist writer and educator with a PhD in philosophy from DePaul University. She works as an audio producer for radio stations, artists, and women business owners, and is the creator of the podcast, Fifty Feminist States.

We were deeply honored to work with her to design an inclusive and timeless brand for her podcast.



This font is especially special — it was created to honor the memory of Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Rainbow Flag. After the brand was complete, we drew inspiration from the vibrancy of his legacy to create Instagram templates in line with the new brand standards The result is vibrant and full of pride.

"Working with Chelsea was a really wonderful and clarifying experience. She listened to me talk about my podcast and the dreams I had for it, and then she translated those ideas and goals into a stunning visual brand. She was so attentive not only to the design preferences I mentioned but also to the content and meaning of the work I do. I feel like the end result married those perfectly, and my audience agrees!"