A bit of real talk from your designer

Here’s the thing — you don’t need me. I’m serious.

There are a ton of beautifully designed pre-made logos, website and social media templates (my favorites are Big Cat Creative for Squarespace and search whatever your vibe is (modern, elegant, funky) and logos on Creative Market and you’ll get a ton of results.

When you’re starting a business, I think it makes more sense to save those pennies for days when business is down and you’re panicking about the next sale, job, whatever it may be. And any designer who zeroes in on your struggles and says you need their ~luxury~ services or you’ll fail? That’s a big flashing sign to run the other way as fast as you can.

So when is the right time to look at investing in a professional designer? It’s different for everyone but can look like:

  • when you have money saved away and feel confident in your business
  • when you have specific goals you’re targeting in terms of sales, abandoned checkouts, new inquiries. etc.
  • you’ve outgrown your logo and need something that can continue to grow with you
  • plus a million other reasons

But the most important, don’t make this investment out of shame or guilt and also know that I’ll be in your corner each step of the way.

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April 19, 2021